How often do I change the motorcycle tyres?


The key points of motorcycle tire maintenance are:

1. Keep the tires at a certain inflation pressure so that the motorcycle has maximum traction, stability, driving comfort and long service life. Insufficient tire pressure not only increases driving resistance, increases engine load and fuel consumption, but also sometimes causes the tire to fall off the rim. However, excessive tire pressure will reduce the stability of the motorcycle and make it feel bouncing when driving.

2. Intactness of tyres and cleanness of tread. Check the tread of the front and rear tires every time the car is collected, and remove the small stones and other foreign matters embedded in the pattern. If any small iron nail or iron sheet is found, take it out immediately and carefully check whether the inner tube is punctured. Generally, the motorcycle outer tire should not be repaired, because the hot repaired tread is higher than other parts, and the car will bump up and down when driving. It is better to repair the inner tube by fire repair. In case of lack of fire repair materials and clamps, cold repair with adhesive tape can also be used.

3. Avoid sun exposure and oil contamination. Frequent exposure to the sun will make the tires dry, cracked and aged. Therefore, it is best to park the motorcycle in a dust-proof, sun-proof and rain-proof ventilated place, or cover the car with a tarpaulin, which will not only benefit the tires, but also protect the paint, electroplating and plastic parts on the car. Oil dirt, acid and alkali have corrosive effects on rubber, so the tire should be prevented from contacting with these things. For vehicles that are not used for a long time, it is better to use a wooden frame to lift the whole frame, so as to prevent the tire from being deformed due to a long period of load.