Which kind of motorcycle tire tread is better?


1. Ordinary patterns are suitable for use on hard roads. It is divided into longitudinal pattern, horizontal pattern and vertical and horizontal pattern.

2, the characteristics of the off-road tyres pattern is that the pattern groove is wide and deep, and the ground area of the pattern block is relatively small. When driving on the soft road, a part of the soil will be embedded in the pattern grooves. After this part of the soil must be embedded in the pattern grooves, the off-road tyres is likely to skid. Therefore, the grasp of the off-road tyres is large. Root test, on the dirt road, the same model of vehicle with off-road tyres wheel swelling traction can reach 1.5 times of the ordinary pattern.
Off-Road Tyres
3. Mixed pattern is a transitional pattern between ordinary pattern and off-road pattern. It is characterized by narrow pattern grooves with different directions or mainly longitudinal in the middle tread, and wide pattern grooves with different directions or mainly transverse in both sides. Such pattern collocation makes the mixed pattern have good comprehensive performance and strong adaptability. It is suitable for good hard road surface, also suitable for gravel road surface, slush road surface and soft road surface, adhesion performance is better than ordinary pattern, but wear resistance is less.

These three kinds of patterns have their own scope of application, and there is no good or bad, so what kind of motorcycle tire pattern is good and not an accurate answer, according to their own use to choose.