Understanding the specifications of motorcycle tires


Do you know the specifications of motorcycle tire? I guess you don't know much about it. Now let me give an example. If the specification of the motorcycle tire is 205/65/R17 92V
The first item refers to that the width of motorcycle tire is 205mm, which is easy to understand.
65 in the second item mainly refers to the flat ratio of the tire, in which the section height is 65% of the tire width
R in the third item refers to the radial tire
Item 17 in item 4 shows that the rim diameter of the tire is 17 inches, which is easy to understand.
The fifth item 92 refers to the load index of the tire, which is 92 times 4, that is, it can withstand 368kg pressure.

V of the last item refers to the speed level, reaching 240 km/h.